Sunday Meditation & Update • March 29

Sunday Meditation and Update

The Coronavirus has been a real challenge to us. It is a killer we can neither see nor defend ourselves against. If we leave the safety of our homes, we put our lives at risk. If we get it there is little to nothing we can do for it. If we venture out to the store, we find many of our favorite foods unavailable. It has raised the level of anxiety for most. Our security in our retirement accounts has been threatened. 

Know what that sounds like? It sounds like sheep. They are one of the most helpless animals God created. They cannot defend themselves against any enemy. If they wander away from the sheepfold they put their lives in danger. Left to themselves they cannot even find food, and should they roll over they cannot even get back on their feet. They are easily scared and when that happens, they display all the characteristics of severe anxiety.

And God calls us His sheep. Left alone we cannot ultimately defend ourselves. We cannot really provide for ourselves. We cannot even rest in peace as we worry about everything. And apart from God we have no security. We are helpless sheep.

But the good news is that “The Lord is our shepherd,” and because of that “we lack nothing.” Our Good Shepherd “makes us lie down in green pastures,” that is He provides for our real needs. The He “leads us beside quiet waters, and “refreshes our soul.” We do not “fear” because “you are with me;” and “your rod and your staff, they comfort me.”

Like sheep we are helpless in so many ways as we struggle with a virus we cannot contain or treat and the implications it has brought on society. But we are not alone. Jesus declared, according to John 10:14, “I am your good shepherd.” Jesus went on to declare, as recorded in that chapter, that “He knows us” and will not only protect us here and now but has “laid down His life” that we might be protected for all eternity.

The Coronavirus is serious, demanding responsible care on our part but it is not the whole story. The rest of the story is that we have a God who has promised to be our shepherd, protecting, providing, and caring for us as none other can. And we know that we need not be anxious about the future and certainly not anxious about eternity.

Weekly Business

Have you called other members to check on them? We need to be diligent about that.

Are you praying for specific members and neighbors? That is our responsibility.

Have you sent your tithe and offering to Deb R.?

Praise and Prayer 


As far as we know none of our members has contacted the virus.

For God’s safety to our neighbors and local firemen when a house 3 doors away burned

Monday night/Tuesday morning. The fire was massive but did not spread to other homes.


Some of our folks are out of work and need our prayers for the Shepherd’s provision.

Pray that Lily’s arm continues to heal.

Pray for the Sonan family regarding the loss of Jeff. Friends of Lengle

Remember folks in our retirement/nursing homes that cannot have family visitors

Remember our EMS and hospital workers