Jesus Walks on the Water • April 8

Jesus Walks on the Water: Mark 6:45-52

Most Christians are familiar with the account in Mark 6 of Jesus walking on the water. The setting is also familiar. Jesus had spent the day teaching the multitude who had come to hear Him. As evening fell the disciples went to Jesus and suggested He send the crowd away because it was late in the day and they needed to be on their way before the time for the evening meal came. Jesus had a different and better idea. He said, according to Mark 6:37, “You give them something to eat.” The disciples asked how they were to do that. (Isn’t it interesting that whenever God asks us to do something, we question Him on how it is possible?) We know how that ended. Jesus took 5 loaves and 2 fish and fed the whole crowd. (Isn’t it amazing what God can do with our little when we turn it over to Him?)

Mark went on to tell us in 6:45 that Jesus then made His disciples get into a boat and head out across the Sea of Galilee. The next verse records that Jesus when into the mountain to pray. (Isn’t it interesting that Jesus felt the need to pray and we spend so little time praying?)

Mark 6:47-48 records that by evening they were in the middle of the lake (probably 3-4 miles from shore) and they found themselves in a storm with winds that made it all but impossible to move forward. (Isn’t it interesting that they were exactly where Jesus had told them to be doing exactly what He had told them to do yet they were in the middle of a storm?) 

Mark went on to note, as we know, that Jesus went to them, walking on the water. Understandably the disciples were afraid, so Jesus said, according to verse 50, “Take courage! It is I. Don’t be afraid.” Mark wrote next that Jesus climbed into the boat and immediately the wind ceased. (I’m ready for Him to climb into our boat now so the virus will cease but He is apparently still on the mountain.)

We know the story well but there is one little note that Mark recorded that is too easy to miss in a quick reading of this passage. Mark 6:48 tells us that while Jesus was on the mountain, 3-4 miles away from the disciples who were in a storm in the middle of the night, “He saw the disciples straining at the oars.” Jesus saw His disciples in their time of need and at the right time He went to them and calmed the storm.

We may be quarantined in our homes and may feel like we are all alone, but we are not. God sees us in our distress. God sees us rowing against the financial challenges of a time like this. God sees us rowing against the loneliness of separation from family and friends. God sees us rowing against the fears and uncertainties of the future. He sees us and at the right time will come and in one way or another calm the storm. We are not alone; His eye is always on us. After all, we are His children and He will keep an eye on us.


  1. The Zoom service went very well on Sunday. 
  2. Lily has her cast off.


  1. For one another as we wait for the storm to calm.
  2. For the Easter zoom service that will even include special music. (If you need help with getting on, message Jen F.)