Bulletin for Church Service • June 21

Sunday June 21, 2020

Father’s Day

Norman Dixon, Pastor


Email: Dixonnorm@comcast.net

Web Site: www.manbecks.org

Organ Prelude to prepare your heart for worship

Welcome: Opportunities to Worship and Serve

Call to Worship Psalm 92:1-5

*Opening Chorus # 34 He Is Lord


*Hymn # 12 Praise Him, Praise Him

First Scripture Matthew 6:25-34

*Prayer Hymn # 692 God Will Take Care of You

**Pastoral Prayer

Special Music Eve

Scripture: I John 3:1-2

Sermon: Our Heavenly Father

*Hymn of response: # 143 This Is My Father’s World


*Recessional Response #235 Take the Name of Jesus (1st)

Leave to Serve

*Please Stand **Please Kneel if able