About Us

Manbeck’s church is a small friendly church that believes relationships are important to who we are and welcomes visitors with open arms. Families are especially important to us.

Manbeck’s Church is a member of the Evangelical Congregational Church Denomination

Our Core Values

The Bible: Inspired word of God and at the heart of what we teach and preach and encourage all to live out in their daily lives.

Salvation: By grace through the finished work of Christ on the cross.

Prayer: A powerful venue to worship and communicate with God.

Church: The church exists to teach, encourage and to spread the message of salvation.

Personal Holiness: Continual personal growth using the gifts God has given.

Mission: Committed to support of home and foreign missions.

Family: The church family acts as an extension to individual families for love, support and encouragement.

Community and Mission Support

We believe that supporting local needs as well as foreign missions is vital.

Our congregation supports missionaries around the world and those ministering in our own country.

We support Child Evangelism Fellowship and host one week of day camp during June.

We support the Pine Grove Area Council of Churches, the Food Pantry and the Week Day Church School program.

We are affiliated with Twin Pines Church Camp in Stroudsburg and support the Evangelical Congregation Retirement Village in Myerstown.