Sunday Bulletin • September 13




Worshiping the Lord in Spirit and Truth


September 13, 2020

Norman Dixon, Pastor



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Organ Prelude to prepare your heart for worship

Welcome and opportunities to Worship and Serve

Greet one another in the Name of Jesus          


Call to Worship – Psalm 66:1-3          

* Opening Chorus #107                    Lord, I Lift Your Name on High

* Invocation 

* Opening Hymn #139                                  Great is Thy Faithfulness

First Scripture:  Acts 13:1-4 and Acts 36-40

Praise Hymn #681                                                                 In His Time  

*Prayer Hymn #626                                                     Lily of the Valley 

**Pastoral Prayer

Offering of Tithes and Gifts to the Lord 

via offering plates in the back of the Sanctuary  

Special Music – Congregational Favorite

Scripture:  I Peter 5:12-13

Sermon:  “John Mark”

* Hymn of response #597                   Take My Life (marked stanzas)


* Recessional Response #235        Take the Name of Jesus (1st verse)  


Leave to Serve

  *Please Stand                                                **Please kneel (if able)

“God never said He would not give us more than we can handle.  

He said He would help us handle whatever we are given.”




  • Building Fund Offering


  • Favorite Hymn Sunday


  • September 23 – Bible Study resumes                                7:00 P.M.
  • September 25 – Newsletter                                                 7:00 P.M.
  • September 27 – Special Offering/Christmas gift/Missionaries
  • October 4 – Autumn Stroll meeting                               10:00 A.M.
  • October 11 – Building Fund Offering
  • October 17 – Autumn Stroll

Statistics:  September 6, 2020

                                  Attendance:  Worship Service – 35

                                                                        Offering – $1,065.00

A big thanks to all who helped with the Pig Roast.

Large print Daily Bread for October-December are available.

Next Sunday is Favorite Hymn Sunday.  This will be a time of a lay led worship with devotions, hymn stories, and congregational favorites. If your favorite hymn is not in the hymnal let Cathy know and we’ll try to find it.  

Bible Study will resume on September 23 and we will begin by looking at Abraham.

Pastor Norm and Arti will be away this week. 

For pastoral services please call Cathy.


  • Betty (Nichol and Rory/serious pregnancy issues)
  • Jen Flynn (suicide prevention week/especially for teens)
  • Pastor Jim (Kathy traveling to TN to help daughter as she transitions back to work)
  • Debbie (Caitlynn moving home)
  • Hannah Bossler (Type 1 diabetes/kidneys becoming compromised)
  • Betty (husbands health and salvation)
  • Carol (Treatment of Jenny)
  • Pray for our service men and women
  • Those battling cancer:

Pastor Lloyd Yeager (prostate cancer)  

Tim Ditzler – stage 4 pancreatic cancer            Bob Kramer

Mike           Sis Sagusky      Jake Wolfe           Rick Fidler

Cindy Segal (liver cancer)Carol Shira (last stages of cancer)

Bill (Deb had 2nd round of radiation)


  • Military:  Keith Gillespie       Lois’s grandson, Kolby – Air Force

Ashley Somers, Navy     Caleb Reiter

  • Nursing home/Assisted living residents

               Grace Kimmel   Nancy Wildsmith          

  Edgar Bennett      Caroline Zimmerman 


  • Betty (Mae is finally home and reunited with her loved ones)
  • Harold (50 years of wedded bliss)
  • Jen (Lily turned 12 and surviving the crazy school schedules)
  • Donna (for the free breakfast and lunch for all school kids)


  • Week Day Church School
  • Joe Toy (Street ministry in Philadelphia)
  • Jamie and Anita Farr (Wycliffe in Florida)
  • Robert and Bettina Schaeffer (L.I.F.E. Ministries in New York City)
  • Wagner’s & Stoltzfus’s (Rift Valley Academy in Africa)