Bulletin • Sunday, September 27




Worshiping the Lord in Spirit and Truth


September 27, 2020

Norman Dixon, Pastor


Email: Dixonnorm@comcast.net

Web Site:  www.manbecks.org

Organ Prelude to prepare your heart for worship

Welcome and opportunities to Worship and Serve

Greet one another in the Name of Jesus          


Call to Worship – Psalm 103:1-5          

* Opening Chorus #34                                                            He Is Lord

* Invocation 

* Opening Hymn #143                                This Is My Father’s World

First Scripture:  Judges 4:14-17

Praise Hymn #681                                                                 In His Time  

*Prayer Hymn #635                                                         In The Garden 

**Pastoral Prayer

Offering of Tithes and Gifts to the Lord 

via offering plates in the back of the Sanctuary  

Special Music – Congregational Favorite 

Scripture:  Judges 4:1-8

Sermon:  “Deborah”

* Hymn of response #575               Leaning on the Everlasting Arms


* Recessional Response #235        Take the Name of Jesus (1st verse)  


Leave to Serve

  *Please Stand                                                **Please kneel (if able)

“He who covets is always poor.”



  • Special Offering/Christmas gift/Missionaries


  • Bible Study/continuing with Abraham                           7:00 P.M.


  • World Wide Communion Sunday/individual at pews
  • Autumn Stroll meeting                                                    10:00 A.M.


  • October 11 – Building Fund Offering

                          – Autumn Stroll meeting                             10:00 A.M.

  • October 17 – Autumn Stroll
  • October 20 – Official Board Meeting                                7:00 P.M.
  • October 25 – Special Offering

                          – Fellowship Brunch

Statistics:  September 20, 2020

                                  Attendance:  Worship Service – 21

                                                                  Bible Study – 8                                                

                                                                       Offering – $3,616.00

Next Sunday is World Wide Communion and we will be doing it in a safe way by using individual packets distributed to the pew.

We will be returning to the book of Galatians on October 11th.

Don’t forget to pick-up your Newsletters.

You will find a slip in your bulletin requesting your favorite hymns or choruses.  Pastor Norm will start incorporating them into the service.  



  • Baby boy Hardenstine, Nichol and Rory/continued growth)
  • Lois (Grace, 5 year old with leukemia)
  • Jon R. (Tim McMiller, cancer)
  • Jon R. (Luke at E-Town and Granddaughter at Bloomsburg)
  • Pastor Jim (Kathy traveling to TN to help daughter as she transitions back to work)
  • Hannah Bossler (Type 1 diabetes/kidneys becoming compromised)
  • Betty (husbands health and salvation)
  • Carol (Treatment of Jenny)
  • Pray for our service men and women
  • Those battling cancer:

Pastor Lloyd Yeager (prostate cancer)  

Tim Ditzler – stage 4 pancreatic cancer            Bob Kramer

Mike       Sis Sagusky     Jake Wolfe           Rick Fidler

Cindy Segal (liver cancer)Carol Shira (last stages of cancer)

Bill (Deb had 2nd round of radiation)


  • Military:  Keith Gillespie       Lois’s grandson, Kolby – Air Force

Ashley Somers, Navy     Caleb Reiter

  • Nursing home/Assisted living residents

               Grace Kimmel   Nancy Wildsmith          

  Edgar Bennett      Caroline Zimmerman 



  • Week Day Church School
  • Joe Toy (Street ministry in Philadelphia)
  • Jamie and Anita Farr (Wycliffe in Florida)
  • Robert and Bettina Schaeffer (L.I.F.E. Ministries in New York City)
  • Wagner’s & Stoltzfus’s (Rift Valley Academy in Africa)