Bulletin • February 14



Worshiping the Lord in Spirit and Truth

February 14, 2021

A Year in Ephesians

Norman Dixon, Pastor


Email: Dixonnorm@comcast.net

Web Site:  www.manbecks.org

Organ Prelude to prepare your heart for worship

Welcome and opportunities to Worship and Serve

Greet one another in the Name of Jesus          

Call to Worship – Psalm 26:5-7

* Opening Chorus #708           Behold, What Manner of Love

* Invocation

* Hymn #156                                                   The Love of God

First Scripture: RR from Power Point               1 Corinthians 

Praise Chorus #13                Sing Hallelujah, Praise the Lord!

* Prayer Hymn #517   I Will Sing of My Redeemer (Stz.1,2,4)

**Pastoral Prayer

Offering of Tithes and Gifts to the Lord/plates in the back 

Special Music:  Eve Kurtz or congregational favorite

Scripture:  1 John 3:1-10

Sermon:  “God and Valentine’s Day” 

* Hymn of response #429    They’ll Know We Are Christians


* Recessional Response #235       Take the Name of Jesus (1st vs.)

Leave to Serve

*Please Stand                                       **Please kneel (if able)



  • Building Fund Offering
  • Sweet Valentine Candy Bar


  • No Bible Study or Ash Wednesday service                                


  • First Sunday of Lent                                              9:00 A.M.


  • February 24 – Zoom Bible Study resumes          7:00 P.M.
  • February 27 – Newsletter 
  • February 28 – Special Offering/Kingdom Extension Com.
  • March 14 – Building Fund Offering
  • March 16 – Official Board Meeting                      7:00 P.M.

Statistics:  February 7, 2020

                           Attendance:  Worship Service – Cancelled

                                                                    Zoom – ?

                                                                Offering – $

                                Special Offering (Care Net) – $55.00

There will be no Ash Wednesday Zoom worship service or Bible Study.

When Bible study resumes, see Pastor for Zoom meeting number and ID.  

“Love is the only force capable of 

transforming an enemy into a friend.”

Martin Luther King, Jr.


  • Donna (Julie from Twin Pines, on rehab floor and can’t seems to turn the corner.  Mother could finally see her)
  • Jon (Bill Schaeffer is over covid and in rehab)
  • Jon (Grandson in DE tested positive for covid)
  • Ardella (Students and schools/disrupted year)
  • Jon R. (2 friends who have Parkinson’s)
  • Judy (kids today and world events/fear)
  • Hannah Bossler (Type 1 diabetes/retaining fluid)
  • Those battling cancer:

Grace, 5 year old with leukemia Mike

Bob Kramer Tim McMillen Mrs. Powell

Jake Wolfe           Rick Fidler Jay Newswanger    

  • Military:  Keith Gillespie                 Lois’s grandson, 

          Ashley Somers, Navy     Caleb Reiter 

  • Nursing home/Assisted living residents

               Grace Kimmel   Nancy Wildsmith          

  Edgar Bennett Norm Delp 


  • Laura (mass on knee was not cancer)
  • Week Day Church School
  • Joe Toy (Street ministry in Philadelphia)
  • Jamie and Anita Farr (Wycliffe in Florida)
  • Robert and Bettina Schaeffer (L.I.F.E. Ministries in NY)
  • Wagner’s & Stoltzfus’s (Rift Valley Academy in Africa)